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Last updated on June 1, 2020

If your baby can speak, what would he say about the meals that you're feeding him?

Here's the deal: As parents, we want our child to enjoy what we prepare for him. But more than that, we want to ensure that his meals are not just delicious but healthy and nutritious as well.

Here's the catch though: What if you're not a good cook? Or worse, what if you don't have any idea how to cook.

We will let you in on a little secret--- that's what cookbooks are for. Lucky for you, there are plenty of cookbooks in the market that can guide you in preparing healthy meals for your little one.

In this buying guide, let's explore the qualities of the best baby cookbooks of 2020 to help you find the right one for your needs!

Best Baby Cookbooks Comparison Table

Going through all the available cookbooks in the market is a tough job. Lucky for you, we have compiled everything you need about the baby food cookbooks of 2020 here:


Best For

Number of Recipes

Ebook Available


Food for all baby food stages

Over 100


Organic Purees



Wholesome Food

Not Stated


Foods for All Baby Food Stages



Organic Purees



Baby Purees



All-organic baby food for all stages

Over 150


Meals you can prepare with one hand!

Over 150


Wholesome baby food for all stages



Foods for all baby food stages

Over 100


Foods for baby-led weaning



All-natural baby food for all stages



A Closer Look at the Best Baby Cookbooks of 2020

Without further ado, here's an overview of the baby food cookbooks of 2020:

Sage Spoonfuls Book

As parents, we would want to feed our child meals that are healthy, delicious, and easy to make. 

Guess what? You can find such recipes here.

It  includes meals with ingredients that are a mix of store-bought and cooked-from-scratch. The combination of widely available and easy-to-cook ingredients is both realistic and convenient for parents, especially the first-time ones!

According to one user, the guide have helped her to be more creative and confident in experimenting in the kitchen.


  • The recipes are categorized based on age— I'm Ready (4 to 6 months), This is Yummy (7 to 9 months), and More Please (10 to 12 months).
  • It contains information on nutrition tips, food allergies, and foods to avoid.
  • You can find useful medical tips like emergency choking care and infant CPR here.
  • It has no-cook puree recipes.
  • There’s a journal section where you can keep track of your baby’s food intake.


  • It does not present information as an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide.
  • Some meals are pretty basic.

201 Organic Baby Purees

Whipping up organic meals for babies can be quite tricky. This may help you if you want to know how you can start your baby on his organic diet journey.

It specializes in purees that use organic ingredients. In this book, you’ll find meals consisting basic fruits and veggies, classic meat-and-veggie combination, and superfoods. In addition to purees, it also contains frozen dessert, biscuit, and soup recipes.

According to one user, her baby loves the meals she learned from this book. She was surprised that some of its unusual ingredient combinations work!


  • It starts with an introduction and by giving relevant information about preparing an organic diet.
  • The instructions and information are explained in easy-to-follow steps.
  • You can find essential cooking tips here.
  • The meals are all organic and free of GMOs, hormones, and other additives that may harm your baby.
  • It contains 201 recipes that will last for months.


  • The serving size indicated in the recipes is inaccurate.
  • This recipe book is only suitable for preparing stage 1 baby food.

Baby Superfood Book

This is a revised and updated version of the popular baby cookbook Super Baby Food which was released in 2014. The author, Ruth Yaron, is a nationally recognized authority figure in the baby food industry. In this book, she shared all of the nutritionally and medically sound baby feeding tips that she has researched for years.

The cookbook contains information on how to prepare healthy and delicious baby food meals using wholesome and vegetarian ingredients. One of the famous recipes is the Super Porridge, which is a baby cereal containing whole grains and legumes.

One reader was so surprised to discover that creating healthy and delicious meals can be easy! She likes how Ruth put so much thought into the information that she shares.


  • This book will teach you how to prepare wholesome food for babies properly.
  • This is an award-winning cookbook.
  • It contains information on the new MyPlate Guidelines established by the USDA.
  • It has a list of fruits and vegetables along with their nutritive values, cooking, and storage tips.
  • It provides information on how to connect with the online Super Baby Food Communities.


  • It lacks information on how to introduce and prepare meat for babies.
  • Some users claimed that the contents were not delivered in an organized manner.

Cooking for Baby Cookbook

If you are struggling with managing your time, you would be happy to know that this was written with you in mind. Lisa Barnes, a celebrated author, provides all the information you need to prepare food for children from 6 to 18 months old.

Do you want to know the best part? All the recipes are easy to follow and doesn't take too much time!

A user shared how organized the content is. According to her, the content started with single-ingredient purees and slowly eased to more complicate dishes. With this arrangement, she eased into cooking in the most convenient and less intimidating way.


  • It provides an impressive range of baby food from purees to finger foods.
  • It was written with the challenges of busy parents in mind.
  • You can also find preparation and storage tips in this book.
  • It is fully illustrated and easy to read.


  • The purees are a bit basic.
  • Some parents find some ingredients to be too expensive.

Top 100 Baby Purees

If you're having some issues in weaning your child, you may want to check out the Top 100 Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel. The author is a British TV personality and an expert in children's nutrition.

In this book, she shared 100 purees that are quick and easy to make. These are designed to help wean your child in the least stressful way possible.

One user appreciates the index at the back, which you can use to find meals that contain the ingredients you want to use.


  • It also contains baby feeding information like baby weaning, food allergies, and find hidden nutrition in everyday foods.
  • It provides time-saving food prep tips and tips on how to freeze and reheat baby food.
  • You can also find information regarding the benefits of each recipe. 
  • The information and instructions are easy to understand.


  • The recipe pages come in pastel colors, but they lack illustration so they can get boring.
  • Some didn't like that most of the dishes contain butter and applesauce.

The Petit Appetit Cookbook

This is another fantastic baby food nutrition book that is written by Lisa Barnes. Her goal is to provide parents with healthy and all-organic alternatives to the preservative-filled baby foods that most kids eat these days.

We included it as one of the best baby food books because it has a section that helps you adapt your family recipes for young children. If your family loves to cook and want to share your love for food with your kid, that will surely be useful.

One user claims that she has been using this book for years and has already prepared almost all recipes. This book has helped her introduce plenty of foods to her daughter.


  • This is probably one of the most affordable baby food books available today.
  • In this book, Lissa shared some mealtime solutions for finicky eaters.
  • Each recipe comes with nutritional information.
  • The recipes in this book are suitable for children aged 4 months to 4 years.
  • It contains useful information like food intolerances and allergies signs and symptoms and how and when to introduce solids.


  • Ebook tables are not correctly formatted to tablets.
  • Some of the recipes are time-consuming to prepare.

Parents Need to Eat Too

Finally! There's a book that was written with the parents' needs in mind. Parents indeed need to eat too. This is the reason why Debbie Koenig came up with this book—to help busy parents prepare healthy and delicious baby meals while coping up with their busy lives.

With that in mind, you can expect to see recipes that you can make using only one hand in this book. As if that's not enough, it also has slow cooker recipes and complicated recipes that are broken down into simple stages so you can slowly but surely prepare them while your baby naps! Talk about time management!

One reader loves the wide variety of meals it contains. According to her, this product made it easy to prepare wholesome and healthy foods more efficiently.


  • This has been named as one of the Best Cookbooks of 2012 by Leite's Culinaria.
  • You can find time-saving kitchen tricks in here.
  • It has "Unrecipes" which are perfect for parents who can't cook at all.
  • It has recipes which can assist with breastfeeding.
  • It contains useful information like food intolerances and allergies signs and symptoms and how and when to introduce solids.
  • It contains advice and tips from a lactation expert and pediatric dietician.


  • Some parents found the recipes to be a bit "too gourmet" than what they usually prepare.It has no photos.

Baby and Toddler Cookbook

If you want your baby to live a healthy life, you should give him a healthy start. The best way to do that is by feeding him meals made from wholesome ingredients. You would find those recipes here.

The author Karen Ansel shared over 90 wholesome baby food recipes. Do you want to know the best part? In addition to recipes, you can also find loads of nutritional information about each meal!

This is a must-read for one user as it contains almost all types of recipes for both baby and toddler. What she liked the most is the informational content that it has, which is especially useful for parents who want to feed their babies healthy food.


  • It covers all stages of baby food.
  • Every chapter begin with comprehensive information about the nutritional needs of your baby or toddler, and it provides tips on how you can address those needs.
  • It has "Unrecipes" which are perfect for parents who can't cook at all.
  • The recipes are organized by age.
  • You can find tips on how to make food and feeding time fun for your baby.
  • This contains tips on how to prepare food ahead of time.


  • Some users claim that this is only useful for parents who are already good cooks.
  • Few of the recipes are difficult to do.

Little Foodie

If every member of your family is a foodie, then the youngest one must become a foodie too, right? What if there's a way that you can guide your child to become one at a young age? Yes, there is, and this is the answer that you need.

The author, Michele Olivier, is a baby food chef and the blogger behind Baby FoodE. Her mission is to help parents make baby's feeding time fun a culinary adventure using safe and healthy ingredients.


  • It includes a FAQ's section about the eating habits and nutrition issued from infancy to toddlerhood.
  • It has a how-to overview of how to make baby food.
  • The recipes will help kids grow up with a grown-up palate.
  • It is co-authored by Sara Peternell, who is a registered nutrition therapist.
  • The content is broken down into suitable food types for different ages.


  • It has no images.
  • Some of the recipes are a bit complicated to cook.

If you're interested in baby-led weaning, this is one of the books that you need to read. Tracey Murkett and Gill Rapley co-author it. Gill is a public health nurse who has been studying child development and infant feeding for years.

In this product, they shared 130 recipes that will help your baby ease into solid foods. Best of all, the meals you can find here are also suitable for the whole family.

For one reader, this book is a game-changer. Through this, he discovered various feeding techniques and tricks to aid the baby in eating solid foods.


  • It provides an excellent overview of baby nutrition and food safety.
  • You can get great healthy meal ideas not just for the baby but for the entire family as well.
  • It has quotes and anecdotes from people who have tried baby-led weaning.
  • It features tips on how to minimize mess during feeding time
  • It has practical advice on which foods to start your baby with.


  • It is the most expensive item on this list.
  • The information is not provided as a step-by-step guide.

The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet

The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet is a product of the collaboration of Karin Knight. Tina Ruggiero, and Jeannie Lumley. Jeannie and Karin are also the authors of The Baby Food Cookbook, while Tina is a registered nutritionist.

The shared over 200 recipes to suit the needs of children of all ages and stages—from purees to finger foods. The recipes range from easy-to-make purees to nourishing and delicious toddler meals and snacks.

One of the things a reader loved about the content is it provides a guide on how to cook baby food but not in a pushy way.


  • For every recipe, you can find instructions on how to prepare the meal using microwave and stovetop.
  • You can quickly determine which recipes are suitable for freezing, as these are indicated with a snowflake icon.
  • Every recipe comes with a comprehensive nutritional analysis.
  • It was one of the nominees for the 2012 International Association of Culinary Professionals annual Cookbook Awards competition.
  • The recipe titles are cute.


  • Some of the dishes contain too many ingredients.
  • It contains a few outdated information.

Real Baby Food

When it comes to feeding our baby solids, a wholesome start is indeed the best start. However, preparing fresh and unprocessed baby food can be challenging for busy parents. This book will help you fit the baby feeding and food making process in your busy schedule.

Jenna Helwig shares 100 meals that are fast and easy to make. And the good news? All of these recipes contain wholesome and healthy ingredients. Most of the dishes can be made in advance and frozen.

The thing that users appreciate the most from its content is the comprehensive information on infant nutrition. First-time parents found this to be useful.


  • It has an impressive selection of healthy baby food recipes ranging from single-ingredient purees to multi-ingredient solids to finger foods to toddler snacks and meals.
  • The recipes are adapted for grownup taste.
  • Each recipe comes with full nutritional information.
  • It provides tips on how to make food in bulk, how to recognize food allergies, and how to start your baby on solids.


  • Some of the recipes are too gourmet for a few parents.
  • It does not have enough recipes that use vegetables. 

How to Choose a Baby Cookbook?

Choosing a cookbook seems pretty straightforward, but you will be surprised with how challenging this task can be. To simplify it, we have enumerated some of the things you need to consider when making the right decision. Here are some of them:

  • Author: Who authored the guide? What is reputation, educational background, and credentials? As much as possible, go for books that are written by nutrition experts or medical professionals.
  • Your Baby's Nutritional Needs and Food Stage: You should always prioritize quality over quantity. To ensure that the guide will be useful for you, check out the types of meals that it talks about. Make sure that the meals are suitable for your child's nutritional needs and food stage.
  • Number of Recipes: But of course, the quantity of recipes matters too, so make sure to check it out too.
  • Additional Informative Content: In addition to the number of recipes, you should consider the other informative content you can learn from the handbook. Types of information to look for include cooking tips, nutritional guide, preparation and storage FAQ's, and many more.
  • Ebook Availability: If you are a techie, a hardbound will not be useful to you. That's why you should check out if the book is available as an ebook too.
  • Price: You should make sure that the price of the product is within your budget.

Best Baby Cookbook: Which is the one for You?

Considering the factors that we have mentioned, a good baby cookbook has informative content and lots of recipes to satisfy the nutritional needs of all stages. With that in mind, our pick for this roundup is no other than The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet. (Today's Price)

Besides having a lot of recipes, it provides complete nutritional analysis and practical instructions on how to cook the meals in the stove and the microwave. It also did not hurt that it was nominated for a prestigious CookBook Awards Competition.

Aside from having the right cooking guide, you need the best baby food maker too. To find the one for your needs, please check our comprehensive buying guide.

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