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Last updated on June 23, 2020

Did you know that the statistics from the Department of Health in New York show that at least one child dies from choking on food every five days?

This is why choking is the biggest concern you may have when your little one is starting to eat semi-solid foods. We know how anxious you are because of this.

But we will let you in on some good news --- you can prevent choking deaths and injuries!

That's what baby food feeders are for. These have either a mesh bag or silicone teat where you can place the food item. When your baby chews on them, the holes mashes the food before they get to your baby's mouth.

With baby food feeders, your little one can eat on his own without the risk of choking. In this article, we will discover what the best baby food feeders are!

Best Baby Food Feeder Comparison Guide

Since most parents prefer silicone over mesh baby feeder, we decided to compile all the best silicone food feeders in the market. You can find all the critical information about the items in this table.


Available Sizes




​Pacifier (Two-Handle)



​Pacifier (Single- Handle)



​Baby Bottle



Pacifier (Single-handle)



Pacifier (Single-handle)



Pacifier (Single-handle)



​Baby Bottle



Pacifier (Single-handle)



Pacifier (Two-handle)


A Closer Look at the Best Baby Feeders

If you can't get enough of baby feeders, you should check out the overview of all the best baby food feeders that we have in the market today:

 Kidsme Food Feeder

The main reason we included this in the list is that the silicone sacs are replaceable, so you wouldn't have to buy another baby food feeder when your child gets older.

More than that, the baby food feeder's handle is easy to grasp. Let's also not forget about the fact that it comes with two handles so the baby can easily hold it using two hands. That's not all. Two-handle means your baby can develop motor skills om his two hands!

According to one user, its durability is a big plus since her baby tends to destroy everything he gets his hands on.


  • It comes in 3 cute colors—Aquamarine, Lime, and Lavender.
  • The feeder is easy to maintain since all parts are dishwasher-safe, and the silicone sac is removable.
  • Textured silicone sac also helps soothe teething and gum pain.
  • It comes with a cap that keeps the silicone sac and the food inside it clean.
  • The silicone sac can be attached to the handle through a secured childproof snap lock.


  • Because there are holes all around the silicone sac, the juice from the food tends to create a mess during mealtime.
  • The sac's opening is quite small, making it difficult to put food inside.

Nature Bond Baby Food Feeder

The NatureBond Baby Feeder is one of the few baby food feeders with an innovative turning knob design. You can use the knob to adjust its teat length. Additionally, it is useful in squeezing the juices out from the sac. 

The set already includes 2 feeders and 6 silicone sacs (2 pieces of each size). With this, Nature Bond Baby feeder set grows with your little one as it contains everything you will ever need to feed your baby until he is ready to switch to spoon and fork. 

According to one mom, this is a game-changer because the turning knob allows her baby to get all the food inside the sac!


  • The feeder comes in appetite-stimulating color combinations—Sunshine Orange and Lemonade Yellow and Peach Pink and Lemonade Yellow.
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  • It is the only food feeder that is certified by Bureau Veritas USA, which is the
  • This is one of the most affordable food feeders on the list.
  • The feeder is easy to dismantle and clean.
  • It comes with an improved locking mechanism that features a kid-proof snap-lock feature.


  • Repositioning the twist-up pieces is a bit difficult and can get quite messy.
  • It comes with too many pieces.

Nuby Baby Food Feeder

This is a feeder that comes in the shape of a baby bottle! The simple design allows you to feed your baby with only one hand. With this design, it will also be easy for your baby to squeeze out the contents.

Attached to the baby bottle component is a silicone spoon where the food is collected. The spoon also prepares your baby for the time when she is ready to eat solid food. 

One user loves its design because it allows her to feed her baby using only one hand!


  • The spoon of the baby bottle comes in four colors—purple, green, blue, and orange.
  • It comes with a hygienic cover to prevent leakage and keep food and spoon clean.
  • The entire bottle-like component of the feeder is soft and flexible, making it easy for your baby to squeeze out its contents.
  • It is designed for babies 4 months and up.


  • Only one size is available.
  • Some users find the spoon to be a bit big.

Munchkin Baby Feeder

This is probably the most straightforward feeder we have ever seen. But with its price, we can say that the design can already give you value for your money.

For me, the feeder's best feature is the hole at the bottom of the silicone sac. This small hole allows semi-liquids to pass through, so you can also use this to feed purees to younger babies.

One user loves that it has only one small slit at the top, so the juice doesn't come out on different sides of the sac. This minimizes the mess during mealtimes.


  • It comes with a cover for hygiene purposes.
  • You can find this in three colors—fuchsia, neon green, and blue.
  • This is designed for babies 4 months old and up.
  • The on-the-go cap also makes this perfect for traveling.


  • The silicone sac has limited capacity.
  • It is difficult to dismantle the sac from the handle.

Boon Pulp

This food feeder looks like a baby rattle but don’t be fooled with its no-frills design. Truth is,  this may be one of the best feeders you will ever use.

It may have only one handle, but it has the perfect size so your baby can quickly grasp it. The handle has a protruding stem that gets inside the sac when you connect the pieces. This forces food down to the holes for easy feeding.

One mother adores how easy it is to assemble all parts!


  • Two color combination are available—teal and yellow and blue and orange.
  • This is recommended for babies 6 months old and up.
  • With the quick-snap ring, you can easily attach the teether to the handle.
  • You can also attach the teether to the handle without any difficulties.
  • All parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe.


  • The sac may be too big for the baby's mouth.
  • It is challenging to fill the sac.

Sassy Baby Food Feeder

The outstanding feature of this feeder is it includes two types of silicone teat. The first one is a silicone nipple that allows babies to consume liquid and semi-solids. The second one is the nipple and spoon attachment which you can use to feed cereals to your baby.

As if that’s not enough, it even comes with a vacuum disk that keeps the air out and pushes food to the hole for easy consumption. 

One user wishes she knew about this product earlier. Her baby loves eating semi-solid foods from the spoon, and the nipple is the perfect option when her baby is the mood for purees.


  • The feeder has attention-grabbing geometric designs which come in blue, black, and neon green colors.
  • The set comes with two bottles and two types of silicone sac.
  • Travel cover is included in the set.
  • Your baby can eat cereal through this feeder!


  • The silicone sacs have limited capacity.
  • The silicone nipple is not as flexible as you would expect it to be.

Dr. Brown Silicone Feeder

This feeder is designed with the comfort of your little one in mind. The manufacturer made sure that the handle is ergonomically designed so babies can comfortably hold it for longer.

But their focus went beyond that. They took their time to find the perfect silicone bulb's size and shape to suit babies' mouths. Even the size of the holes in the bulb is just enough to ensure that the size of the food is safe for the baby.

One user claim that this is the perfect combination of value and quality!


  • You can choose from two color combinations—mint and gray and pink and gray.
  • The feeder is lightweight, so your baby can hold it for longer.
  • This is highly durable and bite-resistant.
  • It is dishwasher- and sterilizer- safe.


  • It stains when you put fresh food in it.

Angle Bliss Baby Feeder

This is one of the cutest baby feeders we have ever seen! It looks like a rabbit as the handle comes with two ear-like structures. The silicone pouch is enclosed in a big cap with three small legs. Because of this, you can safely place the feeder on surfaces without worrying that it will topple over.

This item is as functional as it is beautiful. Each set comes with three sizes of removable silicone teat that is suitable for babies 3 to 24 months old. Because of this, its design grows with your baby's needs.

One mother claims that this is a must-have for every mom since you can put almost all food items in it—from fresh food to solid food to breastmilk to puddings.


  • The dust cover with a three-point support stable is designed to preserve the contents,  protect it from dust out, and keep the feeder in an upright position.
  • You can clean it in three ways—boil water, warm water and soap, and dishwasher.
  • It has an anti-slip ring handle so baby can easily eat on his own.
  • It has cute rabbit design and eye-catching color options—green and purple.
  • This is suitable for babies for up to 24 months.


  • Latch opens easily.
  • It is not stain-resistant.

Boppin Baby Food Feeder

This set is entitled Grow with Me set because it comes with all the nipple sac sizes you need to accommodate your baby's feeding requirements until the time comes that he is ready for solid food. In the set, you can find three nipple sacs—one size for 0-3 months old, another size for 3-6 months old, and the biggest one is suitable for babies over 6 months old.

One of its highlights is its twist mechanism that allows parents to push the food inside the sac to the hole so no food will get left behind.

A mother of three loves all the nipple sac sizes that come with the set. Because of this, she was able to save money by buying only one set.


  • This is made of stain-resistant food-grade silicone material, so it is easy to clean and completely safe for your baby.
  • Textured nipple holes ensure that your baby won't swallow big chunks of food. This minimizes the risk of choking.
  • It features an eye-catching blue and green combination.
  • The sacs are removable, so they are easy to clean.
  • The container has three small legs so you can set it on surfaces without worrying that it will roll away.


  • The design of the handle makes it difficult for babies to hold it.
  • The design of the handle makes it difficult for babies to hold it.

The Most Comprehensive Baby Food Feeder Buying Guide

A baby food feeder is one of the essential tools you can ever have when you transition your child to eating solid food. To ensure that the process will go as smooth sailing as possible, you must choose the right food feeder for your baby's needs.

Here are the critical factors you need to keep in mind when choosing baby feeders:

1. Type

Baby feeders come in two types—silicone and mesh.

2. Silicone Feeder

A silicone feeder is the baby food feeder of choice by most parents since it resembles the feel and texture of nipples, so babies would take this in a heartbeat.

But wait, there's more. Food chunks don't get trapped in silicone feeders, so they are easy to clean. All you need to do is lightly scrub it with warm soapy water.

However, that's just one side of the story. Its disadvantage is it can only contain a limited amount of food so you will have to refill it a few times during mealtime.

3. Baby Feeder Mesh

The main benefit of a baby mesh feeder is its size. A mesh feeder for babies holds more baby food as compared to silicone. With the amount of food that it can keep, you don't have to refill the feeder during mealtime. 

The most significant disadvantage of a mesh feeder baby is it is difficult to clean since the material tends to trap food chunks.

4. Safety

Remember that the baby food feeder comes in direct contact with your baby's mouth. This is why you need to ensure that all its parts are free of BPA, phthalate, lead, petroleum, latex, and other harmful chemicals.

5. Design

Food feeders come in different designs. Some come in the shape of a baby bottle so your baby won't have problems adjusting to it. Others come in the form of a pacifier, which can help develop your child's motor skills. The pacifier-type feeders come with either one or two handles.

6. Age Group

When you check the tags of baby feeders, you will see that each baby feeder is recommended for a corresponding age group. You must check this out and keep it in mind when choosing your baby food feeder.

7. Ergonomics

To ensure that the feeder is easy for your child to use, you should look at the size of the handle and the feeder itself.

8.  Maintenance

If possible, opt for baby food feeders, which can be dismantled so you can easily clean all of its parts.

9. Silicone or Mesh Bag Size

How much food can you put in the feeder? Mesh bags and silicone teats come in different small, medium, and large sizes. By considering the right size, you can keep up with the increasing dietary needs of your baby and minimize the need for refills.

10. Inclusions

Some food feeders come with extra teats/ bags of different sizes. In this way, you don't have to buy another food feeder when your baby's dietary requirements increase. You just need to change the teat or bag to a bigger size.

Which Baby Food Feeder Should You Use?

You are now aware of the pros, cons, and features of the best baby food feeders in the market. Now that you have enough information, you're ready to make the right decision! 

If you're still not sure as to which is the best fruit feeder for your child, I'm here to help you out. For this roundup, my pick is no other than the NatureBond Baby Food Feeder as it matches all the criteria.

This is one of the few food feeders with different silicone sizes, so it grows with your baby. Additionally,  these are easy to clean and are made of quality BPA free materials. Let us also not forget about how cute and appetizing its candy-like color combinations are. 

And for an affordable price, you can already get 2 feeders and 6 silicone teats! That's value for your money!

To know more about this product, you can check it out and buy it here.

If you want to make delicious recipes out of fresh food, you would also need a baby food maker in your kitchen! You can get all the information you need to find the right one in our buying guide.
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