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Last updated on July 5, 2020

Having a 4-in-1 baby food maker is already enough to make food prepping a breeze, right?

But wait, let me tell you something.  

There is actually a more advanced and high technology baby food maker that can take your homemade baby food prepping experience into a whole new level!

Are you wondering what that is? It's a 7-in-1 baby food maker! Yes, that's right; there's a machine that can help you take advantage of 3 more functions! This is no other than the Homia Infano Baby Food Maker. 

To know what to expect from this product, read this review!

A Closer Look at The Homia Baby Food Maker 

The Homia Baby Food Maker is a 7-in-1 baby food processor that can chop, blend, steam, clean, disinfect, reheat, and defrost baby food ingredients.

Who's the Company behind this Product? 

Homia is a company founded by Sergii Kailash, who is a toymaker living in Ukraine. His dream is to help people build a home for their families. He built his toy business a few years ago but decided to dive into the baby food maker industry. He made this decision after realizing that the market lacks affordable baby food makers.

To address this, he decided to create a machine with mothers in mind. His goal is to create a baby food maker that will bridge the gap between cheap, low-quality machines and expensive, high-quality ones.  That is how Homia Infano was born. After the Homia Infano, he also developed the Homia Dansa 8-in-1 Baby Food Maker. 

In addition to baby food processors, the company's product line includes Air fryers, Fuma smoking gun, Fusion vacuum sealer, Kahve coffee maker, Kafo coffee maker, smoking cocktail ball, and many more.

What are Its Features and Benefits 

What can you expect when you use the Homia Baby Food Maker? What kind of features and benefits can you get from it? Here they are:

Safe and High-Quality Materials

The first factor you should consider when choosing a baby food processor is the safety and quality of the materials. For your information, this blending and steaming cup is made of the trademark Tritan material and has been FDA certified to be free of Phthalate, Lead, and BPA. (1)

Additionally, the water tank is nonstick and coated with Teflon.  

Double Protection

The food processor is equipped with 2 safety switches that will prevent the machine from operating if either the cover or the stirring cup is not properly secured or in the right place. This simple feature prevents mess and accidents.

Anti-overheating/drying Feature

The machine comes with an advanced feature that will automatically turn off the equipment when the amount of water in the tank is already at a critical level. This will prevent the water tank from drying and the machine from overheating. 

Split Steaming Basket

Since the inner basket has a separate handle, it will be easier for you to adjust the baby food's consistency to suit your child's needs. 

Easy Maintenance

This machine is designed for easy maintenance. First, it comes with an auto-clean function. If you want to clean the water tank, you just simply need to add water and press the clean button, and the tank will clean automatically clean itself. And if you need to deep clean the tank, its wide opening will make it easy for you to do so. 

Second, deep cleaning is also made easy as the machine contains dishwasher-safe parts. Last but not least, the blade is detachable, so you will not have any problems removing the food residue that gets left behind in it. 

 Things I Liked: 

  • With its auto-clean function, wide tank opening, detachable blade, and dishwasher-safe parts, there is no doubt that this product is easy to clean.

  • It has advanced features that make food prepping a lot more convenient and easy.

  • The device comes in two voltage options—110V and 220V. 

  • It has a sleek design and compact size, which allows the user to save space in the kitchen counter.

  • With its turquoise color and minimalist design, you can consider this to be one of the most stylish baby food processors available today. 

  • The machine is one of the most affordable baby food processors in the market.

 Things I Didn't Like: 

  • Vegetable stains (especially that of carrots) are difficult to remove. 

  • The blending bowl has limited capacity, so you can't use it to prepare baby food in big batches.

What Users Are Saying About Homia Baby Food Maker 

Before you make a buying decision, you must check out what other users have to say about this machine. That's why I have compiled a few user reviews that will surely help you understand how this product works.

"This is the baby food machine that I've been using ever since my little one started eating solids. It has helped me whip up the most delicious and nutritious purees for my baby in the easiest way possible. More than being a good baby food processor, I love the option to sanitize pacifiers, nipples, and the likes!" -Nanette, Mexico

"I appreciate all the features that this machine has. Yes, it has helped me whip up a lot of healthy dishes for my baby. However, there is one issue I have with it. I don't like that you need to use distilled water in the tank. If not, the scale will build up, and you will have to clean it out. That is time-consuming. I wish they would do something about it." – Myra, Nashville

"I already appreciate a 4-in-1 baby food maker, but this one takes it to a whole new level by offering 3 more functions! This 7-in-1 baby food maker has made my mommy life a whole lot easier! Since I am only using only one machine to prep my baby food, I have saved a lot of time transferring the ingredients from one machine to another. This compact machine is a space saver too!" -Lina, Memphis

Homia Baby Food Maker Vs. Babymoov Duo Meal Station 

As much as I wanted to compare this baby food maker with another 7-in-1 food processor, we don't have many options as there are only a few 7-in-1 baby food makers in the market. Because of this, I decided to compare this to a 6-in-1 baby food process. This is the result of my comparison test:




Overheat Protection

Autoclean Feature


10.16 x 10.28 x 5.51 inches


1-year limited

8.00 x 10.00 x 14.00 inches



It looks like both products have amazing features. Both have their pros and cons. For one, Babymoov has a lifetime warranty while Homia only has a 1-year limited warranty. 

But when you check out their price and features, you will see that Babymoov is a lot more expensive than Homia. Despite the difference in prices, the Homia baby food Maker has advanced features like Overheat protection and auto clean, which you cannot find in the more expensive Babymoov Duo Meal Station.

Additionally, Homia has more functions than the Babymoov since the former has 7 functions, while the latter only has 6 functions. 

So what's my verdict? The decision is clear for me. It is no other than the Homia Baby Food Maker as it is more affordable, offers more functions, and has more advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions About Homia Baby Food Maker 

To ensure that you will no longer have any questions about the use of this product, we have addressed all possible questions below:

Can I clean its water tank?

Of course, you can! And guess what? You won't have any problems cleaning it because the water tank has a wide opening so you can place your hands inside the water tank to wipe it. 

How do you clean this machine?

Well, the machine has a self-clean option. If you didn't make too much of a mess, you can just simply add water to the tank and press the clean button. The machine will automatically clean itself. But if some of the ingredients got into the other parts of the machine, just remove those parts and place them in the dishwasher. 

Does this come with a recipe book? 

No. However, there is a section in the instructions manual where you can find different recipes. These recipes are recommended for kids of all ages. If you lost your manual, you could also find these recipes on our website. 

Would this work with 220v?

Yes. But please take note that you will have to order the international version for that purpose. The good news is that the International version has a European prong. 

Does this require batteries to work?

No, you don't need batteries to operate this. 

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Is Homia Baby Food Maker the Right One for You? 

Should you invest in the Homia Baby Food Maker? For me, I highly recommend that you try it out!

As compared to all the other baby food machines in the market, this is one of the devices that offer the most number of functions. It also has many advanced features that you can't find in any other baby food processor. With these factors in mind, I don't see any reason not to invest in it!

To know more about this product, check it out here.

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