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November 4, 2020

In the last article, we discussed 

  • What a baby registry is and when to start your registry, 
  • Items to include on the list, 
  • How to make friends and family aware of your registry, 
  • And factors to consider before selecting a store.

If you missed that article, read it here.

We know that as soon as a woman gets pregnant, especially for the first time, she wants to do everything to be as prepared as possible. 

That's a good trait. Isn't it?

However, in a bid to become adequately prepared, parents-to-be often put stuff that is not essential to their baby registry.

You may ask

Why should I not include every baby item in my registry?

There are several reasons why you should only include the important stuff in your baby registry.

Some of them are discussed below.

Limited Resources: 

In basic Economics, we were taught that human wants are unlimited, but the resources to satisfy those wants are little. Hence, the need to maximize limited resources.

Even though you are not expected to finance your baby registry all by yourself, you should be wary of adding unnecessary things to the list.

You need to help donors focus their resources on the necessary items for you and your baby. 

Waste of valuable space: 

Many second-time moms confess that several things on their registries were not needed after giving birth to their babies. Those only took up space in their homes.

Thus, when you put unnecessary items on your checklist, you are setting yourself up for a lot of garbage in your house when you eventually have your baby.

Profitable alternatives: 

There are items for which you can easily find homemade options.

Adding such kinds of stuff to your checklist is a waste of resources. For example, you don't need a bottle warmer; you can easily place what you want to warm in a bowl containing hot water.

Diversion of donors' attention: 

When you put unnecessary things into your registry, you divert people's attention who want to give from the essential items.

You may find out eventually that you got all the non-essentials while the important things are left out.

Health issues: 

Not all baby items sold are healthy for your baby.

A classic example is crib bumpers, which have been linked to 27 infant deaths.

You want to be careful about what you buy to use for your baby because you will feel very guilty to find out that you hurt your little one by what you purchased to take care of them.

Thus, we thought it wise to create a list of things you shouldn t put on your baby registry

We are sure that your question now is

Which items should I exclude from my baby registry?

There are several items that diverse second-time moms and professionals recommend not to be included in the registry. However, we have compiled a list of things that are not necessary for you and the newborn.

We will not only tell you what to remove, but we will also tell you why.

Let's get to it.

1. Bottle Warmer

Going by its name, this item seems to be essential in taking good care of your baby once it arrives.

But is it indispensable? We don’t think so.

There is a practicable alternative to using a special gadget to heat a bottle of breastmilk or formula.

If you have a bowl and warm water, you will successfully heat refrigerated breastmilk.

On the other hand, the formula is already mixed with warm water, so heating is no need.

Therefore, you shouldn't include a bottle warmer in your registry.

2. Crib Bumper

Crib bumpers are cotton pads placed around a crib to prevent a baby's head from falling between the slats used in making the crib.

So, why should I not include it in my checklist?

The Journal of Pediatrics documented a study that highlighted the side effects of using bumpers.

What was the summary of the study?

The database of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission from 1985 to 2005 was searched for crib-related injuries.

The study found that 27 accidental deaths were reported, which linked directly to the use of crib bumpers.

It's good to note that the number of reported cases is only a fraction of the number of total occurrences.

Thus, for your baby's safety, you should not include a crib bumper in your checklist.

3. Baby Food Kit

If you love cooking, you must have started planning how to cook for your baby already.

But do you need to put a baby food kit on your checklist?

First, it's quite easy to prepare food for your baby. For example, you don't necessarily need a special kit to mash boiled vegetables for your baby.

Second, UNICEF advises feeding babies only with breastmilk or formula for the first six months.

This means you won't need to cook for your baby until after six months.

Therefore, we advise you to use your registry space for more essential items that you and your baby will mostly need and let go of the baby food kit on your list.

4. Diaper Disposal System

Many first-time moms consider buying a diaper disposal system to take care of their baby's used diapers.

But is this really necessary? We don’t think so.

First, we don't think you want to keep dirty diapers in your house for a couple of days. So, if you empty your regular household trash daily, it should suffice for taking care of your baby's used diapers.

Second, you can easily flush poopy diapers down a toilet without any issues.

Third, Suppose you are concerned about keeping the odor of used diapers away from your trash cans. In that case, you can purchase disposable diaper sacks, which will seal in bacteria and wetness.

You don't need to include a disposal system for diapers in your checklist from the preceding.

You can create space for essential items.

5. Bottles

You are surprised that the bottle is on the list of items you should not include in your baby registry!

"But my baby needs bottles," you query.

Yes, your baby needs a bottle. The key here is "a."

Your baby doesn't need more than one. At most, two.

Do you need to put this on your registry?

Besides, bottles are made with different nipple flow designs that correspond to baby development stages. So, you will have to change bottles as your baby grows.

Therefore, instead of adding bottles to your checklist, we advise that you include a bottle cleaning kit. That avoids you using your kitchen sponge to clean baby bottles and utensils. 

6. Expensive Furnishings and Decorations

We are sure that you agree with us that newborns don't care whether the chair you put them on costs $700 or $200. 

All they care about is a sense of security. Isn't it?

Also, it takes time before your baby comprehends their environment.

They won't start moving around until after a couple of months.

Thus, what you really need is a clean general environment.

Neither do you need to spend a fortune, nor do your need high-priced materials to achieve a neat and clean environment. That is free from possible contaminations for your baby.

We, therefore, advise that you don't include expensive furnishings and decorations in your baby registry.

Instead, focus on items that help to achieve basic hygiene and cleanliness.

7. Cup Holder Attachment for Stroller 

Some parents-to-be frequent the coffee shop, and they already surmise that they'll need to take their babies along to their coffee outings when they arrive.

So, they ask, "can I hold my coffee cup and still push a stroller?" 

The honest answer is "no." So, they figure that they will need to get a cup holder attachment for the stroller.

We advise against this for the following reasons.

First, we believe that there won't be any scenario where you will be compelled to drink coffee and push a stroller simultaneously. 

Second, strollers are for your baby, not for holding things.

It would help if you considered leaving out cup attachment for strollers as you create your checklist.

8. Shoes

Parents-to-be, especially first-time moms, often prepare as if their babies will be all grown up as soon as it is born.

This is why some put shoes in their registry.

But, have you ever seen a newborn wear shoe?

The truth is your baby will not wear shoes for a long time, and you can't guess what the baby's size will be at that time.

So, why not remove shoes and create space for items that you will need immediately?

If you think you will need a pair of shoes for pictures, you can wait till the child is born and get the shoe with the gift cards you'll get during your baby shower.

What is the use of an adorable shoe that is too small for your baby?

So, we strongly advise you to defer buying shoes until after giving birth to the baby.

9. Special Detergent for Babies

We are sure that it's not news when your baby arrives, you will spend more time than usual in the laundry room.

It will almost seem that you may never take a break.

However, what may be new is that you don't need a special detergent to wash your baby's clothing. 

What you need is a detergent that does not have dyes and perfumes that might irritate your baby's skin.

So, what should you do?

Choose a detergent that does not have perfumes and dyes for your regular family laundry. So that when your baby comes, you can wash the baby's clothing alongside dirty family clothes.

10. Video Monitor

We can guess what's going on in your mind right now, "I need to monitor my baby when they are sleeping."

Yes, you are correct. 

But, is a video monitor essential? Will you pick a chair and sit behind the screen the whole time your baby is sleeping?

What you need is an audio monitor.

The audio monitor can be connected to any part of your house, and with it, you can know when your baby is awake.

So, we advise that you cut some costs by choosing an audio monitor.

11. Too much of everything

We are sure that you are aware of the maxim that says, "too much of everything is bad." 

It should apply here, don't you think?

If you put too much of one item on your registry, you play down the importance of other things.

So, endeavor to get an approximate quantity of all the items you will need.

Alternatively, we wrote an article where we gave a must items list on your baby registry.

It is including the quantity of each item that we think will serve you and your newborn baby.

You can read the article here.

As a parent-to-be, you must be wary of putting just any baby item on your registry. Then you can avoid wasting limited resources and causing accidental injuries to your baby.

We are sure you don't want to hurt your baby.

It would be best to do due diligence to read reviews about products you want to purchase.

You can learn from what others' experience with a product.

Also, make sure you check out different stores before selecting which to use for your registry.

We are optimistic that you will have fun creating a fantastic baby registry.

We wish you a peaceful delivery in advance.

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